Surprise family session organised by a loving husband for his wife's birthday!

I photographed this family while they were on a holiday in Mallorca, about a year later I get contacted about doing another family session for them, this time in Tarragona, a surprise for the gorgeous Lena for her birthday. They didn't have to ask me twice, I made it into a little holiday for me and we had an amazing day exploring the streets of little villages around Tarragona area. So grateful to know this family who are not only amazing to each other, but to everybody they come accross in life.

Фотограф на Майорке, фотосессия майорка, семейный фотограф майорка
A mother and her son during a family photoshoot in Tarragona, Spain
Family on Holiday in Barcelona from Moscow, a day in a life type of shoot
Family session Mallorca, holiday in Spain, surprise birthday present to a wife from her husband
Family Photographer Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera
Holiday in Spain and photoshoot
Фотосессия в испании, фотограф Ана Адриана
Photographer Mallorca, family on holiday in Mallorca, photoshoot
Two brothers during a family session in Spain
Family Photographer Mallorca, lifestyle and day in the life of a family